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Thread: Help! Storing Studio Scale Items

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    Help! Storing Studio Scale Items

    I have MR and eFX Studio Scale items still in their original styrofoam and cardboard boxes. I think the packaging is brilliant and very secure.

    Because i I have limited storage space, I'm wondering if it would be risky to store these boxes on their side versus on their base and in line with the "this side up" arrow.

    I assume storing them this way would not be an issue given how well they're packaged. I also assume boxes like these have seen much worse when in transport by UPS and FedEx. Thoughts?
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    They are really well packaged, but i think i'd get a bit anxcious if i left them on their side.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Rodders. The Mrs. wants to free up more storage (we live in a condo unit in a big city) and is forcing the issue. Haha.

    Luckily, they're still in original packaging with all protective foam, so everything is sealed tight with 1/2" barricade of foam protection. The boxes will also stay static with nothing resting on top. Had the items not still been in their original shippers, I'd have said no way.

    Anyone else who has stored studio scale items have a view on this?
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    I have a few SS replicas that were stored for long periods of time, but they were all stored in line with the "this side up" arrow. While the inner styrofoam is excellent and holds the replicas perfectly, I would be hesitant to have the boxes on their sides. Let's take the Snowspeeder and the Falcon for example. If laid properly, the ships themselves would be sitting in the styrofoam flat on their bellies with the weight/pressure spread out along it. If you were to place the boxes on their sides, the weight would now be spread out along the side of the ships. For the Snowspeeder, it would be the wing, and for the Falcon, it would be side of the ship, possibly the cockpit. And if you laid them on its end, then weight would be on the cannons (Snowspeeder) and mandibles (Falcon). Long term, I don't think it does the ships any good and I'm too afraid to try and find out.

    Regarding the other things you brought up, the SS boxes are very strong because of the styrofoam, and I have had heavy boxes and other SS boxes stacked on top of each other for long periods of time with no issues. I had a lot of heavy boxes stored on top of my Falcon box for more than six years and it was fine when I took it out recently. As for transport by UPS and FedEx, I'm sure they've been put on their sides in their trucks and tossed around, but that's only for a short time as opposed to extended storage. Hopefully being able to stack your SS boxes on top of each other or having other stuff stacked on them helps you out with your storage issue.
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    Adding to my post above. Thoughts on the SS replicas I have.

    Snowspeeder and Falcon: Mentioned in previous post.
    Enterprise: I would not lay this on its end (small sides of the box) because that would put the weight on either the saucer or the nacelles. Any other sides should be fine but that doesn't really save any space as I believe the other four sides are the same dimensions.
    AT-AT: I would definitely not store this any way but properly. The replica is very fragile.
    eFX Tie: Since the ship is stored disassembled, I don't think it would be an issue for this box to be stored on any side. The wings and the body don't weigh much separately.

    So out of all the SS replicas I have, the eFX Tie would be the only one I would be ok with storing on any side.

    With all that said, you have to consider the risk. Yes, you will be saving space and making your wife happy, but you have to consider the replacement value if they do end up being damaged. Some would argue that you can't put a price on your wife's happiness, so there's that.
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    Just checked my eFX Red Five and the thing was completely fine being stored on its side, rather than the flat, "this side up". I think the only way someone should store their studio scale in this manner is if you've retained all of the original packaging. The compartments and foam prevent harmful weight distribution (e.g., the base leaning into and harming the model).

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    I don't have a eFX Red Five but have been wanting one for the longest time. Glad to hear that it didn't show any ill effects of being stored on its side.

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