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Thread: Hi fellow Kiwi's!

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    Hi fellow Kiwi's!

    Hey there, Just an opening thread there since there is nothing else here, I've also noticed its very hard to contact other collectors within New Zealand.

    I collect TCW mostly and the recent black series as well as other EU stuff!
    Would be great to hear if anyone else uses this board at all!

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    Christchurch, New Zealand

    Hi Dezgus!

    I've just joined up here. Trying to figure out my way around the forums.

    I collect the original Vintage line, and have a crazy Bossk focus

    I'm from Christchurch..

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    looks like we are the only kiwis about, and i can't say i'm a vintage line fan at all haha, abit too old for me, my teenage years where with power of the force and action fleet one of which i still really like, the other HE-MAN molds scare me to this day lol.

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