Dear All,
After a long esitation, I decided to sell my luke pbp hard torso (and other part of my collection will follow). mainly sinse I got my camera and lenses stolen, so it will help to buy new one. This was the hardest figure to found for me, I finaly had the chance to found one after 5 years of searching. this is one of the most rare variant as it was very fragile, and produced in europe (spain) as you already know. The price is hard to fix as it almost never comes out for sale. I never saw any, but maybe there has been few. the condition is as it is, used. It has been repared in the past. I gess some guys here can fixe better, but it is as original right now. you can see glue in the neck, it has crack in the back. the saber is missing tilt, but I think it is the good one, that the one it came with anyway. any question wellcome. price 3500 euros as paypal gift (obo)
picture on demand to