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Thread: sorry for the dumb question

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    sorry for the dumb question

    I was looking at the offerings from sideshow and I see for instance an R2 for just over 200 dollars and another "premium" format one for over 500...what makes a figure premium?

    The cheaper one has tons of cool accessories like the Obi Wan Table for the holo projection and lightsaber hilt (too many accessories to list here) and has light up sections on the dome so what else can they do on the premium one to make it worth so much more? The only thing I can see is the base is really cool on that one.

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    Premium formats are 1/4 scale statues. The poseable ones with accessories are 1/6 scale.

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    No dumb questions. Better to ask than buy something you don’t actually want.

    Sideshow makes both figures and statues. Sometimes they’ll have the same character available in multiple forms.

    “Premium format” is actually the name of Sideshow Collectibles large quarter scale statue series and not a descriptor.

    The unarticulated statues are made of polystone and mixed media, ie. the bodies are polystone with sometimes clothing in fabric and artificial leather, etc.

    The $200 or so one would be the sixth scale action figure.

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    Woah, thats quite a difference. For some reason their website didnt really make the huge scale difference and poseability front and center. Thanks for the answers guys

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