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Thread: Help Offered: Florida Supercon

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    Help Offered: Florida Supercon

    Hey everyone! I’ll be attending Florida Supercon and will be doing pickups for autographs! Listed below is the guest list, consisting of overwatch voice actors, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy cast members, RWBY cast. Of course, willing to get comics signed for you as well...check for those guests. Prices for consignment will be $10 for any flats up to and including 8x10, $15 for larger flats and $20 for premium items. Make sure to keep checking back as new names are constantly being added! If interested, send me a message or comment here. Thanks!

    Supercon:Jyoti Amge: $TBA
    John Barrowman: $40
    Leva “Blue Pants” Bates: $20
    Anjali Bhimani: $30 or $40
    Kimberly Brooks: $20
    Nakia Burrise: $30
    Brian Cage: $TBA
    Steve Cardenas: $40
    Christian: $40
    Greg Cipes: $20
    Jen Cohn: $TBA
    Mike Colter: $55
    Kevin Conroy: $40
    Rachael Leigh Cook: $40
    Michael Copon: $40
    Diamanté: $TBA
    Amy “Lita” Dumas: $40
    Barbara Dunkelman: $20
    Kara Eberle: $20
    Erika Ervin: $TBA
    Lou Ferrigno: $40
    Kate Flannery: $TBA
    Jonathan Frakes: $40
    Bin Furuya: $30
    Gangrel: $20
    Marty Grabstein: $TBA
    Chelsea Green: $TBA
    Sean Gunn: $30
    Judith Hoag: $TBA
    Chloe Hollings: $TBA
    Ryan Hurst: $50
    Lindsay Jones: $20
    Michael Jones: $20
    Josh Keaton: $20
    Caleb Konley: $TBA
    Jerry “The King” Lawler: $20
    Loren Lester: $30
    Tsutomu Kitagawa: $30
    James Mathas III: $20
    Gates McFadden: $40
    Shawn Michaels: $60
    Rey Mysterio Jr. : $40
    Terry Notary: $20
    Paul Nakauchi: $20
    Alan Oppenheimer: $40
    Chris Parson: $20
    Josh Petersdorf: $30
    Lucie Pohl: $35 or $40, depends on item
    Ke Huy Quan: $40
    Tara Reid: $40
    Monica Rial: $20
    Carolina Russava: $TBA
    Michael Rooker: $60
    Jad Saxton: $20
    John Wesley Shipp: $40
    William Shatner: $80
    Sadie Sink: $40
    Dana Snyder: $25
    Hugh Spight: $40
    Caroll Spinney: $TBA
    Trish Stratus: $40
    Tara Strong: $40
    Robin Lord Taylor: $40
    Bex Taylor-Klaus: $36
    Steve Whitmire: $40
    Sam Witwer: $TBA
    Arryn Zech: $20
    Elise Zhang: $20

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    A few new guests added. Check the latest list! 2 weeks away everyone!

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