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Thread: Imperial TIE Fighter

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    The big question is, are the wings done in a rigid plastic? That is what s ultimately going to make or break this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coreworld View Post
    The big question is, are the wings done in a rigid plastic? That is what s ultimately going to make or break this thing.
    I concur!

    Rigid wings or riot!!!!

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    The 'Solo' TIE Fighter has been revealed at JTA (No links here).

    Scanning the photos this latest new tooled mold of the TIE Fighter has many features such as 'break-apart' battle damage and firing 'missile' cockpit guns (very similar to TFA/TLJ TIE Fighter gun ports). It also has a brand new cockpit interior which appears to be highly detailed and screen accurate but unfortunately devoid of paint details.

    The worst parts in all of this mold is the glaring ugly 'seam' on the cockpit ball where the TIE breaks apart, and the two hideous screw holes adjacent of the gun ports.

    Anther worry is the solar panel wings that are the same molded rubberised plastic parts as the TFA/TLJ TIEs that bowed and were always misshapen.

    Lets hope that Hasbro fixed this problem otherwise its another problem for us collectors.

    Another gripe is that the cockpit is only for the 5POA figures so expect the figure to 'lie down' in the cockpit seat rather than 'sit'.

    In all it os a terrific new mold which is totally screen accurate that the wings are finally the true size as on screen - the wings should be three times the height of the cockpit ball and finally it looks like Hasbro did something right.

    Two steps forward, four steps back again by Hasbro.

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    looks beautiful, of course underscaled but FINALLY with nice proportions. But I am a bit confused about the color: the packaging art looks gray, but in that photo with the brown cardboard insert it looks more blue.

    am I seeing things?

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    Is this a repack with a new figure?
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    I'm reserving judgement until I can see some better pics, I'm wary of how the action feature fits together and as others have mentioned, what are the wings made of... I may be the odd duck out, but I actually prefer that it's a straight regular Tie Fighter.

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    Those are the best pics that guy could take of this thing? Not one shot of the entire thing put together? It looks pretty small based on the one shot of the pilot standing up in the cockpit.
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    That's new and kinda cool. If I didnt already have a bazillion TIE fighters...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koth View Post
    Is this a repack with a new figure?
    Looks all new. The cockpit splits apart.
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