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Thread: Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization

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    Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization

    I have been looking really hard for any news regarding the novelization for Solo but I was not seeing anything. But today I searched on Amazon and found where it is going to be authored by Mur Lafferty and is scheduled for release on September 4, 2018. I will probably preorder it.

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    Strange that they release these Movie novelisations so late now.

    I will definitely be picking a copy up.

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    I agree. It is very strange that they wait so long. I understand not wanting spoilers but once the movie is released, the book should be made available. I remember back in February there was that big article about tie in novels and comics but it said nothing about the actual novelization. I just thought that was really bizarre...
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    since the sale/change SW books have been in a weird realm all their own, really unusual scheduling and cancelations

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    Excellent, I was going to ask last week if there was one coming out. Pre-ordered

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    Could it be that they're waiting to see the fan/viewer reactions or plot holes in the movies to "fix" them?
    Never got the Last Jedi novelization but it likewise came out later.
    Many reviews I read and watched told that it appeared that the author was trying to explain stuff that people had questioned or criticized about the movie.
    Not sure if that's the case, but as some mentioned here, it's strange that the books come out so much later.
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    I remember years ago that the novel tie in books of the Tim Burton Batman movies they would be in stores at least a month or two months before the movies were in theaters.

    That and the X Men 2 United novel had alot of different stuff that weren't in the movie
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