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Thread: Hot Toys Patrol Trooper

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    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    I like the design, little screen time; wish they would put out some of the older teased stuff. Come on HT where's my gonk?

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    I don't remember seeing these guys. I am sure they were there but it must have been very brief.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock View Post
    I don't remember seeing these guys. I am sure they were there but it must have been very brief.
    When Han and Qi'ra were fleeing from Moloch during the Speeder chase, a Patrol Trooper begins to chase after them on his Speeder Bike. He doesn't last long. That's the best look you get at one.

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    From the chase outside of Corellia spaceport. Only a few seconds screen time. Hard to figure out HT release strategy from one movie to another. This trooper has pretty much the same importance as the tank commander from Rogue One but get instant PO. Yet, the Mimban stormtrooper, arguably involved in a more important sequence, is still uncertain.

    On a side note, even though HT rarely is THAT consistent with releases, could this mean a third Han release in his Correlia outfit on the horizon?
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    Would rather have a proper mud trooper with accessories...more than Solo shows.

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    I think we sometimes forget these figures take up to a year to proto-type, with that said this could have been one of the earlier approved concepts and might have had a longer or larger role in the original ( before Howard) cut

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    ABSOLUTELY a big NO for me on this!!

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    Think I will wait for this guy to go 50% off. I hope they do a Moloch (but I doubt it).
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    Very little chance these will be massively discounted. Might be some small deals, but I'm definitely not going to chance it. Absolutely love this design.

    After making too many TFA troopers versus demand, they have been very conservative with trooper run sizes. This will likely go the way of the Shoretrooper. Very small production run, then high aftermarket prices after selling out. Same with the clean RO TK.

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