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Thread: Hot Toys Patrol Trooper

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyenShi View Post
    Very little chance these will be massively discounted. Might be some small deals, but I'm definitely not going to chance it. Absolutely love this design.

    After making too many TFA troopers versus demand, they have been very conservative with trooper run sizes. This will likely go the way of the Shoretrooper. Very small production run, then high aftermarket prices after selling out. Same with the clean RO TK.

    I think you're right. The FO troopers from TFA are still easy to get here in Germany (I didn't get any) and I've seen some ridiculously low prices for them as well. RO stuff and OT stuff is sold out so quickly that if you don't pre-order it, you won't get it.

    It's really too bad that the ST troopers not selling is hirting the really cool stuff from RO and Han Solo, but I understand HT.
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    I pre-ordered this based on the RO history. Cool design, and a unique trooper to add to my collection.
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    I'm on the fence with this one. I have space for one anthology trooper, and I was hoping it would be filled by either the Tank Commander or the Mimban Stormtrooper, but neither have been formally announced. If Hot Toys is done with Rogue One and Solo, this guy could fit the bill. Decisions decisions.

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    Final product shots up on HT Facebook page.

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    Nice! Just got this but still boxed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb View Post

    Can we get pictures of your whole setup? The room looks awesome too!

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