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Thread: Death Star Shelf

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    Death Star Shelf

    Thought I'd post this here as some might be interested in it. A little pricey, but it'd make a great display shelf.

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    That looks really nice. I might pick it up one day if I can get it at a lower price.
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    Yeah, that's not very big for the price.
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    *nods* yeah if it was half that price I'd almost certainly have one on the way already. It'd be excellent for displaying limelight focus or oddball items.

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    Wow, that price! At first glance I thought it was $19.99 and that sounded reasonable to me, but $120 for that?? No offense Disney, but it doesn't look that special. It just looks like a really cheap wood circle with a cardboard Death Star background.

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    Would be a nice display shelf for hot wheels or titanium ships.
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    Cool idea, but looks to be designed for the items they sell.
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