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Thread: Toltoys ROTJ Akbar and Tusken Raider

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    Toltoys ROTJ Akbar and Tusken Raider

    I've owned these for a few years but only recently noticed they have the Australian Toltoys address on the back.

    Besides the address on the back they look the same as a normal Kenner release.
    They both have a Nein Nunb offer on the front ... and interestingly both bubbles are crystal clear ( They must have used better plastic in Australia )

    So, my question is, are these worth any more than a normal Kenner moc ROTJ Akbar or Sand person ??

    Thanks in advance

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    They are worth way more , if in decent condition $700 plus . Put it out on auction and there is no telling. Any pics ?

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    Toltoys are very hot at the moment.
    WTB: Foreign MOCs - Meccano, Harbert, PBP/Poch, Lili Ledy, Glasslite, Top Toys
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