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Thread: Help ID'ing accessories?

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    Help ID'ing accessories?

    Looking for help with these three mystery pieces. They're probably from Marvel Legends (all my Elektra/Skrull Elektra sais are accounted for) or DC Universe Classics, although the bottom piece could be from a McFarlane HALO or NECA Predator figure.

    Any help appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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    I think the blast thing is from psylocke.the sai is Elektra.

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    Still trying to figure it out. I have Elektra and Skrull Elektra from the TRU two-packs, and they both have two black-handled sais. Looks like Netflix Elektra has black ones, too. Never had the ToyBiz Elektra or Deadpool. This single brown handled one is driving me crazy -- Thought it might be from a Deadpool or Deathstroke, but no luck so far.

    I don't have a new Psylocke yet, but the old one from ToyBiz is the only one I have and I don't remember any accessories coming with it other than the BAF piece. It looks like it may be designed to plug into a socket on the small end...

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    Okay -- The sai is from a 3.75" X-Men Origins Deadpool figure. Way oversized, but whatever.

    Still looking for the other two. Thinking the bottom piece may be a HALO "holster" where a weapon clips on...
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    Figured out the green piece; itís the mount for the Spider-Man 3 New Goblinís sword. No longer have the figure so the piece didnít ring any bells.

    Still trying to find the purple energy effect.

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    is it from DC Red Latern Dex-star ?
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    Bingo! Much appreciated! 😀

    And S/F.
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