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Thread: Solo vs Rogue One

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    Solo vs Rogue One

    Iím curious where you all stand when you compare Rogue One to Solo. They seem to be cut from a similar cloth as they are spin offs. I feel like Disney should stick to spin offs like these.

    How does Solo compare to Rogue One?

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    For me, Solo is the superior movie. It presented characters I care about, both new and old and gave me reason to root for them. Star Wars as a concept takes place in some magic universe with a defined simplistic black and white / good and evil morality. Rogue One confusingly muddied those waters by revealing that the Rebellion was doing some pretty terrible things and would flat out murder people. Who wants to see that? The Rebellion should be good and the Empire should be evil. If you want to explore those shades of grey you use characters like Han Solo and the criminal underworld and shady organisations. That's what they did here and that's why it works.

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    Rogue One > Solo.

    I enjoyed Solo even more second viewing. The acting and characters were top notch save for Lando's droid, which I hated (versus K-2SO which I loved). 'That' cameo was less jarring....but it didn't have anywhere near the beaming-grin-inducing impact of the counterpart cameo in Rogue One.

    Why start a thread like this without stating your own position in the opening post though?
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    Yea I found Cassian odd...his entire character seemed off. Especially when he shoots the informant in the back. I get it but it was just weird. I think we live in a more complicated time so it’s inherently difficult to tell a Star Wars story.

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    Neither are perfect, but Rogue One is light years better than Solo. Just my humble opinion.
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    For me they're in the same ballpark, in different ways. I'm giving the edge to Rogue One, but I thoroughly enjoyed Solo. Far more than I thought I would.

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    Solo bounced off me like eggs-on-teflon. it didn't leave much of an impression, one way or the other. I'm usually very opinionated about SW movies (good or bad) but I honestly didn't react this time.. it was good. I suppose. I didn't mind it. it was 'not bad'. I don't have much to say about it.

    meanwhile -- Rogue One is still awesome. I think RO sets the bar for what these movies should be. Solo was more of an EU cartoon.. (not that there's anything wrong with that).. the voice-of-the-cameo nailed it shut for me: this is just another episode of SW:Rebels. I never liked Rebels much, but I never actually cared enough to ***** about it either. I don't pay it much mind. I don't pay any attention.

    Solo was better than most Filoni cartoons.. but we have to admit.. it's cut from the same cloth. (not that there's anything wrong with that). it is what it is. it's not really worth getting excited over, one way OR the other. it's basically just a Filoni cartoon, come-to-life, on the Big Screen.. I liked it as much as I like Hondo.. I guess. (that's a good thing. right?)

    meanwhile -- I still feel like RO is "cut from the same cloth" as SW'77 and ESB. I feel like it warrants my 'attention'. and I think THIS should be the ultimate goal of NuWars: to create movies that feel like movies, and continue the legacy of GL's saga films -- to create movies that DEMAND our attention, as fans; not just simply bring the cartoon-canon onto the Big Screen, and continue the legacy of Rebels -- creating movies that feel like Filoni cartoons, where the audience can "take it or leave it" (like Rebels).

    I'm not slamming Solo by any means: it was enjoyable. like watching Ezra battle buffy the vampire slayer with a helicopter-lightsaber. "it is what it is". (not that there's anything wrong with that). I could take it or leave it.
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    'Rogue One' is the much better film, as it's effective in expanding the Star Wars story and universe. It introduces entirely brand new characters to the overall saga and rolls effortlessly into the original 'Star Wars'. It gives Vader back his balls and allows the audience to understand just why the members of the rebellion were so terrified of him. It opens up our understanding of the wider implications of Imperial rule and how some societies learn to live under its occupation through the excellent scenes on Jedda. It also shows us that the Rebellion are not simplistic good guy tropes and have members that will do anything to win a war, including murder and assassination.

    Simply put, 'Rogue One' is the best thing Star Wars, since 1983.

    'Solo' on the other hand, is a cash in on a famous name, that most fans didn't want to see made. It adds nothing really to the overall story and actually throws in a lot of unnecessary "backstory" that fails to land properly. I don't like how Han and Chewie meet in this version (Chewie eats people? WTF?) and I don't like how Solo gets his name or his blaster. Nobody needed to know any of that really. I wasn't even satisfied how they show Sabbacc and how Solo wins the Falcon. All of those things were poorly handled. But, it's not a complete failure, there's a lot to like in 'Solo'. It's just all so twee, pointless and has more to do with rebooting a Solo sub-franchise than it does expanding the Star Wars story.

    The film really should have been about someone else entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    'That' cameo was less jarring....
    I'm really curious to see the general reaction to that cameo. Considering the feelings most fans claim to have of the original source material, so far the response has been pretty positive, which surprises me. I wonder if it'll cause anyone to retract their feelings on that source material.


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    Maul was always one of my favourite characters. I'd imagine 95% of the Solo audience will not have watched TCW and be blindsided by the whole thing. I think it's a massive mis-step when we could have instead seen Palpatine secretly pulling more strings as part of his manipulations.
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