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Thread: Going Somewhere Solo?

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    Going Somewhere Solo?

    Just announced! Happy SOLO Day!!

    Buy them both together and save $40 off the pair (until June 4th)

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    Chewie looks really good. The bundle price is nice too!

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    Having seen the movie today how could I not preorder this duo, loved Solo & that was a surprise but a welcome one. Lando was the stand out character for me personally, even sounded like the original in a few scenes..., spooky seeing a new Chewie mini-bust though as Iíd only recently asked on Facebook about whether you guys could come up with a new mini-bust of him worth buying & then I get an email with the new version. lol The savings covers my shipping costs, shame it doesnít cover customs fees too but canít have everything now can I.
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    Pretty happy with the PGM this year so far. Nice surprise for a Saturday morning ! (We live in the future down here in NZ)

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    Nice surpise, would be nice ifbthese shipped before Solo 3 ��

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    I'll be grabbing the bundle and really hope we see a Lando and Range Trooper bust. Gotta say I'm stunned to see these announced today and still nothing from The Last Jedi.

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    Nice set, but not my specific movie focus. A nice surprise indeed for those folks collecting all the mini busts. Does it say anywhere when they'll be released?
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    Saw the movie last night, liked it, I am definitely in on these two!!

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    The bundle is cool and seemed like a good deal, but seeing an extra $36 after tax and shipping in my cart not too sure I want to pull the trigger.

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