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Thread: Mini helmet line interest

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    I thought this (older) site was worthy of sharing on this thread. Guy's got some humorous sections too but the main thing I loved was this custom Tusken Raider! He also shows all the mini helmets ever produced, including some customs!
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    I’d forgotten all about that website, thanks for sharing..., guess when there’s nothing new it becomes less of a thing to go look at after a while BUT always nice to see again.
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    I'd love to see more of these helmets, my preference would be for tie fighter pilot and at-at driver first, I'd probably buy whatever was made to be fair

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    I'd love to see more of these. Everyone already know what I would want more of. If they did restart this line I'd love to see them start with the Tie Pilot or AT-AT Driver. There are a lot of .45 scale helmets that could be done and not just Star Wars. If done right, with Disney owning multiple properties, we could see Tron, Tron Legacy, Rocketeer, Marvel helmets and Indiana Jones. Does GG have the rights to the scaled weapons also?
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