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Thread: Japanese World Hero Star Wars boxed figures by poppy reference page??

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    Japanese World Hero Star Wars boxed figures by poppy reference page??

    anyone know if there is some kind of reference page or site for Japanese poppy figures?

    Id like to learn a bit more about them I use Japanese auction sites and have seen some come up along with empty boxes and the laeflets that came with them.

    thanks guys

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    Back in 1980 Popy began releasing their own Star Wars product lines. Much like Hasbro using Kenner as a subsidiary company name here in the U.S., Popy was a subsidiary company name of Bandai, which allowed the consumer to distinguish the difference between certain toys and models that they were trying to purchase. With the Popy ESB product line measuring about 4.5" high, a new style of packaging was designed for the Star Wars figures. It housed the toys inside a compact box and labeled the product specifically for the Japanese market. The idea of the box packaging is possibly due to how it allowed more merchandise to be displayed in a smaller area. To top it off, the Popy line was slightly cheaper than the Takara line, which of course gave it a little more appeal. Popy's line of products ended up producing 15 figures at the time for the Empire Strikes Back.
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