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Thread: SOLD: Lego UCS U-Wing MOC by Starbricks with instruction booklet

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    SOLD: Lego UCS U-Wing MOC by Starbricks with instruction booklet

    Hello, Builders!

    I'm parting with my UCS U-Wing MOC designed by Starbricks:

    Next to the new UCS Falcon for scale:

    Crew Compartment:

    Cockpit and Custom Blue Squadron Badge:

    It comes complete with all parts sourced from BL and includes the beautifully designed instruction book by the designer, Mirko:

    Save yourself the literal hassle of sourcing the bricks yourself and get it complete here!

    Anyone interested please email me at

    Asking price for the UCS U-Wing Set and instruction book combined: $500 - ACCEPTING OFFERS
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    I have his instruction manual but have not had time to get these parts together. Wish I could buy this but I'm in the middle of a big project atm. Good luck!

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    Photos added!
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    Thank you to everyone who has been asking about this sweet MOC. Yes- it is still available!

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    You need to include a price in your ad. What are you asking for this?
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    Updated images. Asking price for what I paid.

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    this is incredibly beautiful!!! I would have bought it if I haven't spent all my money on the UCS falcon! is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the Dove...Thus spoke the Super Guru

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    Slashed the price on this set. Instruction book included!
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    SOLD! Thank you everyone for your interest!

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