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Thread: Rex LSB and Sidious LSB F/S

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    Rex LSB and Sidious LSB F/S

    Hi fellow scumers, I’m trying to sell these since they don’t really fit my collection. I would consider trades for some sideshow premium format figures, especially “light-side” characters(except For the ESB Luke & Yoda and TFA Rey since I already have those).

    Darth Sidious LSB comes complete including Sideshow brown shipping box. Asking $420, $350 now $300

    Captain Rex LSB also complete including brown shipper. $450, $375, now $340

    Feel free to PM for more pictures if you are interested.
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    pictures added!

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    One and only price drop!

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    More pictures added and bump to the top!

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    Bump to the top, send me an offer!

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    I have the Darth Maul Premium format available for purchase, if your interested

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    If I can sell this I will! Thanks.

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    Putting Boba back up for sale!

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    More items added!!

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    weekly bump and price drop!

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