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Thread: Rebolt with Corellian Hound

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    Got 16.97 back from my credit card, so basically got this for a dollar and change.

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    Finally got this great Redbolt w/Corellian Hound set - excellent figures, and I especially like the detail on the Hound & cage.

    I bought this for roughly $19 online, due to not being able to find it @ retail anywhere. I typically don't like to buy toys online for more than retail price(s), but since I hadn't seen this - and given that it was released last Spring/Summer - I suspected I would never be able to find this in stores, especially now that a lot of the Solo toys are getting clearanced. That being said, I'll probably turn around & find this at a discount store like Ross/TJ Maxx/etc. soon - maybe.

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    Bought this online as well - glad I went that route, because this set is not one to be missed. The accessories from the Solo 2-packs are so much better than those ridiculous weapons that came packed with the TFA, RO, and TLJ 2-packs. So glad they went back to giving us useful weapons and accessories! Its also great to see a small creature being introduced into the lineup - so much better than a Porg!

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    Yes, this was an excellent creature/figure set, and is actually one of favorite SW collectibles from the past several years.

    Though the cost for this excellent Rebolt w/Corellian Hound set was more than I wanted to pay, since I really wanted this I decided online was the way to go. I still haven't seen this @ retail, and may not. This got limited distribution at best, and I suspect some areas probably didn't get this at all.

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    Between this set, Moloch, Quay, Rio, Weazel and Enfys - the Solo line really provided some of the best and most imaginative aliens & costumed characters / figures in recent years. I still cant get over what a great accessory the cage is as well, the sculpt and functionality are excellent, and it works well as a diorama piece. If these ever make it to a discount outlet, I think I'll buy another and customize the second handler!

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    Just an FYI - I found a Rebot w/Corellian Hound @ Ross today for $9.99. I got the last one there, and I don't think they had that many to begin with - and, this was not long after I ordered another one online - LOL. However, I'm glad I did since I always wanted at least two of this set - since there are more than 1 Rebolt w/hound in the film.

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    Same; I went looking for a Quay Tolsite and found exactly one Rebolt (and an L3 from wave 4 for $5). I've never seen Rebolt, the AT-DT, or Mimban Chewie/Han in stores before finding this discounted Rebolt for $10.
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    Glad to hear you found this Rebolt w/hound - nice set; this is definitely one of the better creature/figure sets from any SW line. These never hit regular (non discount) brick & mortar stores in my area either.

    Still looking for Quay Tolsite - never seen this in regular retail stores either, and don't want to pay online prices.

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    I've had luck with the two-packs-- the Corellian Hound is amazing!-- but also no luck with Quay.
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    I have the Hound cage and blaster cannon for sale in Modern Classifieds, let me know if anybody wants them!
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