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Thread: The Further Adventures of...

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    The Further Adventures of...

    Sometimes, one panel isn't enough to express my full idea. Sometimes, one of my one panel strips might inspire a longer version. From time to time I might want to make a longer comic that doesn't tie into anything.

    I don't really want to commit to doing a "normal" photonovel thread, but I do have several ideas for recurring themes and characters. Kirk's wing men, my versions of the prequels, an oddly mixed superhero group, and a few others ideas that have been rumbling through my head for a while. The more I think about this thread, the more ideas I come up with for it.

    It's a hodgepodge collection of the stories and ideas in my head. Some will attempt to be funny. Some will be more serious, dark or violent even.

    Since my image host had a massive problem a few weeks ago, all of my older strips cannot be seen in their original threads. I will take the longer strips and place them here. Then, as I have them, I'll post more new, hopefully, unique stories here.

    These things all take me much longer to create than a mere single panel, so I won't be updating this thread very often. I will update it, though.

    AND NOW!

    The Further Adventures of...

    (Originally created for a German Star Wars site many years ago. It looks very primitive to me now.)


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    (originally posted in my first Hangars and Mash thread when it reached 4000 views)


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    (originally posted in the first Hangars and Mash thread.)

    This will be continued eventually, I promise. I've had ideas for the rest of the series for a while now. The hold up has been ANH. That and actually finding the time to do it.


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    The first real update to this thread.


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    Inspired by this image...

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_****ensian View Post

    from my main series...

    I came up with this extremely juvenile story....

    I like toilet humor.

    I do.


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    While I pause for a couple of weeks from my main series, I thought I'd give this thread a couple of weeks to get some fresh views and start the new year off with a bang!


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    And here I thought I had to go a few weeks without articulated asinine antics.

    Happy new year!

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    inspired by the events of this post....
    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_****ensian View Post

    AND followed by the events of *this* post...

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_****ensian View Post


    I BRING YOU...


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    You got some mad photo skills. These are a fun read. Thanks for sharing them.

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    Thanks. I'm glad you liked them.

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