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Thread: 5 Figure Multipack

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    I like your pack ideas! Particularly the Kessel one, but would happily buy any of them. It’s pretty cool the Solo pack could go in so many different directions and still be good.

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    I forgot about this thing. Is it going to be international only? Not that I would buy it (maybe on super clearance).
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    Since it has been canceled by EE, does anyone think this multi-pack is going to end up at the deep discount stores like Ross?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R1G4R3PO View Post
    Mimban: 1) upcoming single carded Han(mudtrooper) repainted and slight retool w/ non removable face mask/helmet to make a generic trooper
    2) upcoming single carded Han(mudtrooper) repainted and slight retool w/ TLJ Hux arms and long coat, repainted w/ Beckett's head
    3) upcoming single carded Han(mudtrooper) repainted and retooled w/ muti-arms soft goods coat/cloak non removable helmet/mask (ie Rio)
    4) Val in trooper disguise-- the ALL-NEW figure....this set assuming the trio thieves' single release is their non disguised outfit-
    could sub a mimban stormtrooper single carded repack if any 1 of the trio are the single released versions

    Train Heist- 1) Range trooper..repaint slight
    2) Han -- coat /googles
    3) Chewbacca w/ goggles
    4) Enfys' gang member (NEW Figure) [but I could see Enfys herself repacked]

    Kessel: 1) Guard repaint/variant
    2) Qi'ra
    3) Beckett in disguise (Lando skiff retool)
    4) Droid -maybe 2 small droids

    Sabacc: 1) Tropical Lando (repaint fig.)
    2) Han (starter kit repack)
    3) "6-eyes"
    4) "Scissorpunch"

    now have said that, wasn't this thread initially about the 5 figure TLJ set w/ holo maz?

    I would totally snag the Sabacc set without question as well as Kessel. the Train Heist one might be a pass as I have all the figures already (except the random Enfys Nest member)
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    This set has dropped temporarily to to $45 at TRU Canada (About $38 US with sales tax). Still widely available if there are interested parties south of the border.
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    I just tried to order one, it won’t give me a shipping option for the US. Oh well...

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