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Thread: First 21 Figure Lot Price Check - Opinions

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    I wasn't having a go at you - I was just saying that if long time collectors like you are having difficulty identifying original weapons what chance have newbies like I got? And is it worth spending lots of money to learn some hard lessons?
    I dont want to stick my neck in where it doesnt belong, and by writing this im not trying to tell you how to collect- merely offering advice from my own experience. Also, just for the record - im not a proponent of repros in any way and a little bit of me is dieing inside just writing this.

    When buying vintage stuff with repro weapons - you still need to know (to an extent) what youre buying or you might be getting ripped off. IMO, a figure with a repro accessory is worth only what the figure alone is worth. If youre paying extra for the repro - which people usually charge a significant markup for - Id take a good long look at how much extra youre paying.

    For example: If you want a A New Hope leia with a repro blaster, just keep in mind that you can get perfectly good stand-in repros for .50c a piece on ebay. Im not talking about the ones that are scammer-quality, but ones that are good enough to pass for real unless you take a good up-close look at it.

    And lets be honest, i dont think anyone here actually wants to support scammer- quality repros.

    Plus, by buying repros as placeholders to legit acessories, eventually you'll start to notice the differences between the fakes and the real ones. If you do ever decide to start upgrading to actual vintage accessories, youll have a base knowledge about how to tell repros from originals.

    If you do ever want to buy some truly authentic weapons, start with the lower priced figures whose cost probably isnt affected that much by whether they have a legit or repro weapon in case you end up getting burned (which you wont if you buy from a reputable source who knows their atuff) - hoth troopers, bespin security guards, walrus man etc are great vintage gateway figures.

    Edit: i started reading more of this thread after i made that post and realize now that this post may be out of place. It looks like youre omplaining specifiaclly about the leia blasters. I stick by what i said, but yeah, gotta be careful as a new collector with those.

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