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Thread: Cobra Kai

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    Cobra Kai

    Anyone else watching this show? I burned through the first half of the season last night. I love it, I think it's fantastic.

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    I'm real interested. Not 100% sure I'm ready to subscribe to a new channel though. Is there much else on YouTube Red worth watching?

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    I didn't realize it was already out. Time to get the torrenting machine working. Before anyone *****es, remember that youtube red is not available in Canada, so the studio literally gave me no legal option to view it.


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    Loved the first episode. It was a perfect follow-up to the original and obviously made with great reverence for the original.

    The second episode was a bit more meh. I'll give it a couple of more episodes.

    The best scenes are Lawrence's.

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    Just finished the first season. Really liked this show. William Zabka was great. This show is well written,funny, and entertaining. Hope there's a season 2 especially with how it ended.

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    Finished this show last night. I really liked it. For me it's one of the better shows I've seen in a while. It strikes a good balance of there not really being an antagonist/protagonist dynamic that you might expect. And Zabka steals every scene he's in.

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    I steered clear of this thread until I was able to complete the series.

    I attended the Cobra Kai - Karate Kid theatrical event awhile back, so already had the first two episodes knocked out. Yesterday, I binged the entire series, and absolutely LOVED every single minute.

    This to me was perfection. The character development, flow of the story, throwbacks, acting, settings, etc were spot on and a joy to behold. The original Karate Kid is one of my all time favorite movies, being watched numerous times throughout the years. Cobra Kai didn't feel forced, it felt what a natural progression of these characters would/could be. The flashbacks were used brilliantly. The music themes borrowed from the original movies - ahhhh, awesome stuff.

    A couple of standout moments for me: Daniel visiting Miyagi's grave. I'll admit it, I was moved to tears. And Daniel training Robby - how gorgeous was the cinematography in that sequence!?

    I almost want this to be a special self contained series. It works that way. But with that jaw dropping last 10 seconds, the door is wide open for Season Two. And I'll be the first to remove my shoes and enter the dojo.
    " Everybody breaks, everybody breaks sometimes...."

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    Hell yeah - Season 2 announced yesterday.
    " Everybody breaks, everybody breaks sometimes...."

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    +1 from me. Really enjoyed binge watching it last night. I wish season 1 was longer. If you like the original movie you will enjoy this, no doubt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthBeek View Post
    Hell yeah - Season 2 announced yesterday.
    Awesome. I can't wait.

    This is one of those shows that after you binge watch it, and digest it... you want to binge watch it again.

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