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Thread: OT Obscure Character Choice (The One To Rally Behind Next)

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    If squidhead gets to GG's list and is open for voting, I'll vote for him. Kevin deserves it.
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    Let's get ol' Squidhead done! I'm putting aside my requests for more x-wing pilots until Tessek gets made. Tessek is now at the top of my list.
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    I would love to see a Squid Head bust!

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    I will vote for Squid Head!
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    Today marks two months since we lost our good friend, Kevin (Kev)). Sad to see it is now that the PGM gifts from last year are starting to ship, months after the time they were supposed to be with us, and Kev never got to have his. Kev was very supportive, pushing for the making of Amanaman, which now will be with us soon. Guys, those of you getting that bust don't forget it was in part thanks to the effort made by some folks here, and that of Kevin that our voices were heard and the mini bust went into production.

    As l promised Kevin I would do, I will keep pushing for Tessek to be made, even when it seems GG looks the other way. I invite everyone of you that voted in this thread making Tessek/Squidhead the winner to give the mini bust one more push today for ourselves and for Kev. Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by kevb0977 View Post
    It’d be great to see this made, I’m happiest when they make a character they’ve not done before.
    Quote Originally Posted by kevb0977 View Post
    Thanks Julian, I’ve posted the first poster a few times so far, basically going to post it every time there’s a Star Wars post from Gentle Giant until he gets announced as a mini-bust or I die..., I’m committed.

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    One more time, as I do every month, here is another push to the top for the Squid Head mini bust to be made AND for Kevin's memory. Unlike the Solo Maul claimed to be made by "Popular demand" the Tessek mini bust was in fact requested by popular demand and won our votes here plus plenty of voices were heard on Facebook rooting for this character since June 1st 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post

    - ( AP) After one month of exhausting voting and long lines at the voting places, SquidHead AKA Tessek was declared the winner once the cut off date of June 1st went into effect last year. No Russian interference as far as our experts were able to tell, which was a plus:


    - Squid Head - LightSword

    - Squid Head - kevb0977

    - Squid Head - SexxyDrumerBoy1

    - Squid Head - Sith74

    - Squid Head - Kneel_Before_Zod

    - Squid Head - PurpleLightsaber

    - Squid Head - calrissian19

    - Squid Head - The_kessel_run

    - Squid Head - catch

    - Squid Head - DarthWenger

    - Squid Head - ATATDRIVER

    - Squid Head - Santiago1970

    - Squid Head - Dr_Jedi

    - Ephant Mon - MaxGoof

    - Ephant Mon -Turbowars

    - Ephant Mon - cannoneer

    - Ephant Mon - jwh1974

    - Ephant Mon - Maxattack106

    - Ephant Mon - deathstar1000

    - Ephant Mon - Sith_Apprentice

    - Duros - BenObi_70

    - Duros - Django

    - Duros - SpecialOpsUnit

    - Death Star Droid - Hellboy

    - Death Star Droid - Imrahil2001

    - Death Star Droid - Armitage

    - Gold Leader - Clone_Wolf

    - Gold Leader - bighead5

    - Yarna d'al' Gargan - Jedi534

    - Melas - Co_Jo_Dai

    - Rancor Keeper (Malakili) - ihnken33

    - Ponda Baba - DC1376

    - Cloud Car Pilot - Mechleader

    - Willrow Hood (Ice Cream Guy) - BithBandLeader

    - John D. Branon (Red 4) - disgruntledjawa

    - Snowtrooper1138 - Brock Starsher

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