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Thread: Spacetrooper Mini Bust - 2018 PGM Gift #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post
    Bringing this over here from the SDCC report and resizing the pictures for faster viewing. So glad I pre ordered this guy. Looking at the pictures the Spacetrooper looks great!
    Thanks for posting these additional photos. WOW the details on this are AWESOME!!
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    Looks great! Already had Amanaman & Leia as my gifts but just pre-ordered this. That massive gun might cause a slight problem squeezing into my detolfs.

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    A closer look at the PG Exclusive Spacetrooper Mini Bust

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    That looks like an awkward way to hold that huge gun, especially with his finger on the trigger! I still like it though

    Also I can't help but feel that these videos are the first step in preparing us for a delay in receiving the gifts, put I'm sure that's just me.

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    I’m very pleased to see the helmet looks good, had been worried it’d be over stretched like the last couple made, over all it’s a great looking mini-bust & will be a welcome addition to my collection.
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    This was the one (besides the Animated Boba) that made me do the PG this year again. I will say I am very pleased with the look of this.
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    this guy looks fantastic
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    His jetpack does look great. GG really knocks some pieces out of the park.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnbuda View Post
    His jetpack does look great. GG really knocks some pieces out of the park.
    It's inspired by the Hot Toys one:


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    Is there no photo reference for it from the set or costumes? Did HT just "guess"?

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