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Thread: My current collection

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    My current collection

    I actually have an Elite Corps ROTS Clone bust coming next week too. The others aren't GG but I love these McQ statues.

    This last photo is from a couple weeks ago, before I got my Vader McQ. The SW bins contain 6" Black Series figures (only 40th retro cards, exclusives and OT troops).
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    Looks great man, I love the mcq statues
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    Nice little gang of mini-busts you have there BUT those McQuarrie statues are definitely the eye draw.
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    Yeah, those McQ statues are killer and look great together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenObi_70 View Post
    Yeah, those McQ statues are killer and look great together.

    Agreed, SSC did an amazing job!

    Are your Fett busts the GameStop editions?
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    Thanks for sharing pictures of your collection. Great taste in collectibles; those McQuarrie statues are a reflection of that!
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    Thank you everyone for the positive comments, I appreciate them !

    So to answer some questions, yes the Classic Fett busts are from Gamestop. Actually so are the Rogue One and Sequels busts as well. The rest of the busts I got off GG or ebay.

    The McQuarrie statues are my prizes for sure. That Vader exclusive took some doing to get at the right price and many emails to ebay members LOL.

    I never knew how I felt about 1/5 scale then I got these and was like WOW. I recently bought a Tusken 1/5 Attakus from a member on here and I am looking into a Jawa and Vader, as 1/5 scale just is so impressive in person.

    Lastly, this is my "closet geek" collection as my wife calls it haha. I have these in my sports room which is full of game worn and signed helmets, jerseys, bats and takes up the entire room and then some. One of my goals (whenever we move) to is to get the proper space to display both collections the right way.
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    *** irish6871:

    This is Django's thread for his collection. You shouldn't be hijacking his thread with a ton of pictures from your own collection. If you are so eager to show what you have, get a better camera and make your own Lime-lighting and Display thread.

    - Django: Thank you for showing your collection. Very nice choices you made in your purchasing.
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    I think your limelight thread just got highjacked. LOL!

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