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Thread: Anovos Luke Skywalker Rebel Pilot Helmet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagjaguwar View Post or they have a Facebook page, I believe you can order thru that (or they’ll give you an email to order thru.)
    Thanks for the info!

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    I have has this on preorder with Entertainment Earth for months. Any bets on when it will actually come out? I’m being tempted by the new Black Series replica coming out at 1/4 the price.

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    I would just buy the Black Series and save $300 and have it before Christmas. It’s been almost 2 years since I pre-ordered Blue Leader Xwing Helmet from Anovos and still nothing. I also called my credit card company and was able to get my money back for Gold Leader and Luke helmets from Anovos. At this point, don’t preorder anything from Anovos or retailer until its in stock. And even then, it takes months to get an in stock item bought from Anovos.

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    That’s where I’m leaning. I jumped on the Entertainment Earth price of $399 since the second wave of orders from anovos direct was priced at $599.

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    I doubt Anovos ever releases this helmet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock View Post
    I doubt Anovos ever releases this helmet.

    Yeah, and it wouldn't surprise me if a bunch of people cancelled their preorders for it when they saw the Hasbro Black Series version coming later this year.
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