This is a continuation of my last thread due to the image hosting being lost. For those who have already been following, thank you! I'll post the newest progress pics first, followed by re-posting of all the progress pics up until where I am now.

Added a little fake wall to the hallway before the Luke/Leia swing across the chasm. Also a 'closed' door. This was actually by accident as on the second layer of the base wall I had cut the doorway on the wrong side, but it worked out so I ran with it.

Fixed the octagonal doorway leading to the blast door room to make it a true octagon, rather than a square with beveled edges. The one on the side of the original wall will need a little filling in later on.

Added the little room they come out of to get to the lift hub:

Added an extra wall to the 'duel' room, which will give it more of a backdrop when viewed from the hangar bay.

So nothing super-exciting tonight. All of the walls have now been doubled up, so each is 3/8" total thickness, giving the structure much more stability. It also sits perfectly flat, I think because I trimmed the edge of a wall I discovered was slightly crooked.

Here's a couple shots of the trash compactor room with a little better lighting:

Here's the trash chute viewed from the corner room. Looks a little ghetto right now, but it will be covered up later. I widened the trash chute and the guys don't get caught in there as much, but it needs a little more work.

More to follow, most likely next weekend