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Thread: 36" (91 cm) Death Star WIP (continued)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utinniii View Post

    I never noticed or knew you were putting a window in the overbridge. That is all kinds of awesome. Usually I dislike when reflective surfaces pick up surrounding detail but that is perfect. It really enhances it.

    I have more to gush but I'm going away for the weekend. I'll write more later.

    But really, too lazy to add a couple of dozen figures when your take your photos? Is that too much to ask??????
    Oh, don't worry, the figure shots are coming I made myself wait on most of those until I have the thing complete, as a bit of motivation. There will be lots more photos coming very soon!

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    Wow, wow and wow. Been away for awhile so seeing the finished D-Star dio for the first time and man it turned out fantastic. You have captured every major scene from the movie. What a play set. Now waiting to see it populated with figures

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    Thanks so much! I have a few shots with figures I took last night, and will hopefully have more by the end of the week.

    I got the top put on, after needing to make several adjustments to get it to fit semi-straight. No full body shots this time, sorry, I'm still arranging the room it's in, but those will be coming soon, as well.

    Here's the Red Control Room:

    Even though it isn't accurate, I made the closet door fold in like a folding closet door. Didn't end up needing those tiny hinges, as I found a better way to do it

    Also added a little red paint to the gun and made the gunners a nice little base with some chairs. The chairs can swivel but I haven't figured out a way to get the base to do it yet, though that was the plan.

    Re-printed a better quality version of the texture for Palpy's window:

    Camoflauged the tab for the slide on the bay window:

    Added a texture to my other slide. The tab on this one and the reverse of the other slide still aren't camoflauged as I don't have the right textures but will be done at a later date. You can also kind of see the brace I made for the ceiling. I didn't really want to have to cut into it like that but I needed the extra support to straighten the ceiling. The brace has two little clips on the back so it slides right on before you attach the top floor. More shots of it later.

    Added the Overbridge control panel:

    If you look through this door, you can see the texture of the guy walking through the little room in the Lift Hub:

    Just a shot of the room next to the Briefing Room. Nothing new except the walls are all glued down to the floor:

    Finished the chairs I have modeled for the Briefing Room. Some are hand-made, some are 3d printed. I plan on 3d printing the rest later so I have a matching set of 12. Oh, also added a space background for the reverse side of Palpatine's window.

    Hasbro, please give us some Briefing Room officers that can sit down!

    And a couple more fun shots with figures:

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    That is so awesome!!
    I love how everything came together.

    I think making the space background for the other side of Palps window was a good choice. I was thinking of making it magnetic or able to hold sticky film and then you could add removable ships, planets, purgil or space worms.

    I like to study my own photos as photos reveal flaws I didn't notice looking at the real thing. There are a couple of places the stickers are sagging (like your folding door).

    I don't envy you if you are going to hide all the foamcore edges like the door frames. That will be tedious, but really worth it in the end. It will be especially annoying because you are almost done and are impatient to play with it.

    For the rotating turret, I would glue a round plastic tape dispenser part to the floor and carve out a hole of your turret base so it fits over it. Since it is smooth plastic, it should turn easy enough. A plastic lid would work I guess but I would want something taller to give it more support.
    A simple screw will also do the job but will be less smooth and wear out over time.

    Amazing job!!

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    You read my mind on that door, Utinniii! I actually somehow didn't notice it until I looked at those photos. I'll see if I can get some glue on it tonight and flatten it out without messing it up further. I'm planning on getting many more shots with figures done, as well as a side-by-side size comparison with the barge!

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    This is truly a masterpiece! There is so much you can do with each room alone - having it all in one place, in a giant beautifully crafted playset is simply remarkable. You will have fun with this thing for years.
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    Thank you so much! I've been having fun so far. Got some more pics with figures to share, as well as a few full body shots...

    Swing across the chasm:

    The Lift Hub - you can see the two clips near the ceiling that hold the support for the Hangar Bay ceiling. Not exactly the most attractive, but not permanent, either. The top floor can be put on with or without the support, though I do prefer to have it on.

    The Tractor Beam - this catwalk is removable, and, with the removable pipe thingy that Luke and Leia swing from, can be turned around so you can have a better view of Obi-Wan, like so:

    Shoot-out over the chasm - later on I plan to 3d-print a dock plate that I designed so they have something to stand on

    Before the chasm:

    Blast Door room - Han looks like he might not make it this time, lol

    Vader anxiously awaiting his new bride:

    And now for the full-body money shots:

    I also took a couple next to my barge just to compare the scale. I think if Haslab ever made one, this would be a good size, although to really fully capture some of the rooms it would need to be 4 or 5 feet in diameter, which would just be insane!

    That's all I got for now. If anyone has any ideas for other pictures/set-ups with figures they'd like to see, let me know. I still need to get a couple of the Superlaser Control Room, Vader's Chamber, Trash Compactor and a shot of the Hangar Bay with a TIE Fighter in it.

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    Giggitty gig!

    That is amazing!

    Since I no longer play with my figures, I would set this up with multiple scenes all at once so Leia would be watching Aldarean go kablooie as she is playing with a interrogation droid and a dioanga whilst smooching her brother on the swing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utinniii View Post
    Giggitty gig!

    That is amazing!

    Since I no longer play with my figures, I would set this up with multiple scenes all at once so Leia would be watching Aldarean go kablooie as she is playing with a interrogation droid and a dioanga whilst smooching her brother on the swing.

    Yeah, ideally I'd like to acquire enough figures to make something like that possible. Then I wouldn't have to mess with it, and would just need to worry about dust. I've dusted this thing off so many times already just during the building process!

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    Truly a masterpiece of art, I can’t believe this will somehow transform into BB8
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    I love this Bar!

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