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Thread: Denny's Solo Promotion

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    Denny's Solo Promotion

    Has anyone else had the chance to hit Denny's for the Solo menu? I've been twice now, and picked up a few of the cups and 8 packs of cards.

    If anyone's interested in organizing a trade for needed cards, I'd be up for it.

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    I picked up all 4 cups and 8 packs of cards and was able to get a complete set of cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jediblood View Post
    I picked up all 4 cups and 8 packs of cards and was able to get a complete set of cards.
    Just a heads up, there is a hologram variant for each of the 12 cards in the set. If ebay is to be believed the hologram variants have a rarity rate of 1:100 packs. Rebelscum also has pictures up of a press kit they got during a Denny's press event that has a Solo themed shirt and Solo themed Denny's gift card. No clue if those will be at actual Denny's restaurants, but they might be something to look into.
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    Coincidentally, I hit DENNYS for breakfast today, bought two packs of cards, and pulled a foil (of the L3 Droid)
    Quick scan on the 'bay, and found out my breakfast was paid for. Crazy that a food promo is going for that kinda

    (EDIT) Yes, the foil wrappers for the cards do say the odds on pulling a foil is 1:100

    And I *did*get one ea of all four GIFT CARDS. But, having been back 3 more times, the HANs have
    been sold out after Day-1 (in all 3 DENNYs in my town)
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    Looking to trade for Qi'ra, Range Trooper, and Enfy's Nest.

    I have duplicates of Lando, Han, L3-37, Moloch, and Therm Scissorpunch (Picture Attached)

    Pretty nice looking cards. I picked up all the cups also. I ended up talking to the manager, and he told me that around the time "Solo" hits the theaters, they are going to have a second wave of cups. This second wave will be full body character cups (I'm thinking he meant kind of like the Episode I Pizza Hut Cups from 20 years ago). He said they were going to be $5 each, but he wasn't sure how many were in the complete set. If I get any more info, I'll post it here.

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    ^ Got your back for the trades!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Chosen_1 View Post
    ^ Got your back for the trades!

    Great Trade, Thanks!

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    Just saw on facebook for the first time the new character head cups. Nicer than the Falcon to me. Have to venture out to Denny's tomorrow. ANyone seen them in person yet? Shows a Chewy and Rangetrooper. Those two are shown on the Denny's website too.

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    I was just at Denny's with a few friends this morning and they had plenty of both new cups. I believe they've had them since May 15th.

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