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Thread: Chewbacca (Han Solo Movie) - Target

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    I’m hearing that this chewie is shorter than the did that happen? Considering this chewie over the other ones.
    They got rid of the second torso joint and gave him a new torso to accommodate the dual bandolier. It's much more accurate at this height and the head and paint are way nicer than the other two.

    Just sucks that his fur is matted down in the right shoulder so the bandolier sits well so putting an OT bandolier on it can look iffy.

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    Dang, I’m still tempted to get him and see how it looks...
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    Start watching your Target stores. I found him on clearance today at $13.98. I see a lot of these locally so I'm hoping it dips further before selling out.

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    Mine here in Garner is short on Moloch but overflowing with an infestation of goggled Wookiees...
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    Hit 2 more Targets tonight, where Chewbacca was marked down to $9.98!

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    Checked 3 targets today, all had moloch and chewie... at full peice

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