I have had this helmet for years. Bought it from a seller on Bricklink in the early 2000's. Can't remember who.

I also added the red legs, torso, head, and cape. Cool little figure, but, without going into a long drawn out story, it has to go.

One sold on Brinklink for a little over $850 in February. I assume, without the rest of the figure. I would like to use that as a starting point and work from there. Make offers! Ask questions!! Need more pics?

I am on the Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List. I will also provide user ID and feedback from Brinklink and Ebay if necessary. GNT and I have traded emails and PMs a few times as well. Not sure he remembers me? I almost bought some items from him before.

I know I don't post here, but, I do lurk almost daily. My wife calls it "reading my paper"!

I would prefer Paypal and offer free shipping to the US.

Thanks for looking, Jamie