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Thread: Hot Toys Endor Leia

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    Wow, wasn't expecting this one so soon after Hoth Leia. She looks really good. I wonder how good the Rebel uniform looks under the poncho.

    I'm guessing her only accessories will be her blaster pistol and commlink. I hope she comes with an alternate helmetless headsculpt too.
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    Very nice. Hopefully her and Luke Endor will be regular release figures rather than retailer exclusives.
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    Looks great but have to start getting choosy due to space

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    Hoping for a full rebel outfit underneath and not just the trousers. An alternative portrait/hairpiece is also a must.

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    Very tempted. This is one of those nostalgia moments where I do specifically recall playing with the 3 3/4" Kenner versions.

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    I'll have to see what she all comes with first, but if I'm going to get a Leia in this scale, this has been the one I've been waiting for.
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    Luckily I don't have space for a speeder bike, or else I would be doomed with her and Luke...

    Honestly, I was more looking forward an Ewok village version of Leia.
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    Oh man... I could buy up some Hot Toys ewoks...

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    I'm in. Keep them coming, Bespin, Bikini, Bounty Hunter, Ewok Village Hippy, award ceremony, and any I forgot.

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