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Thread: Klaatu - Skiff Guard - VC135

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    A favor to ask: anyone who has this version and the old cinema scene version, could you take a side by side pic? Interested in scale difference and overall look. Thanks in advance
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    Thanks pal! Glad he's a little smaller; will make the Barge look bigger by comparison
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    I just got ahold of this figure today and.... honestly, it doesn't look that good. I think Giran, from 2009, and Wooof, from 2010, were far superior figures in every way.

    Klaatu Skiff is way too dirty, his paint apps are sloppy especially around his face, his skin is too bright of a green, and he has that horrible new style of hip articulation. I give it a 4 out of 10.

    For comparison, I would give Giran a 10/10 and Wooof an 8/10.
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    Especially next to his wave mate, Yakface - he doesn't look all that great. I wouldn't rate it a 4/10...maybe a 6 - the hips, thigh cuts, and general use articulation just isn't aesthetically pleasing to me. Totally agree that some older figures look superior - Wooof is one of my absolute favorites from that line, 10/10 for me - his articulation is concealed perfectly.

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    I definitely think his skin was too vibrant so gave him a wash and also repainted his facial horns. I wasn't as disappointed in his weathering and the dirt and it didn't bother me really I guess. Same goes for the hips and waist joints, they don't bother me and I like how he looks overall and don't mind the new articulation. I guess if I had to rate the three Klaatoonians, I would give Giran a 10/10, Wooof a 9/10 and Klaatu an 8/10.
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