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Thread: Bounty Hunters Collectorís Gallery

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    I saw them at the local ThinkGeek store at the mall the other day, and while I do not collect 1/8 scale, I was tempted to get them. They look great. I was just not too happy with their scale as some looked much taller than others. That said, they looked fantastic. I can only imagine if they would have been produced in the 1/6 scale. But again, if you are into the smaller scale and can overlook their height is a bit off with each other... Get them!
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    Honestly, I love the poses. The first time I saw Bossk and Fett I was like 'wow!'......yet I have literally every 1/6 statue they've done so far with another 4 on pre-order so really I haven't the room to get into a new scale plus I still hold a hope that they'll do a few more dioramas one day.

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