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Thread: Stormtrooper (Mimban) - VC123

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    Stormtrooper (Mimban) - VC123

    Please use this thread to discuss the Mimban Stormtrooper from the Han Solo movie that'll be released in the Vintage Collection:

    Thoughts on this figure?

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    Can’t wait, going to use this for customs for sure. Looks like it could be the best 3.75” stormtrooper yet.

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    I like it! It's nice to see some Solo figures right out of the gate.

    I also like the fact that this is probably the new SA Stormtrooper sculpt we'll be seeing as a clean OT trooper in TVC at some point. I just hope they use the RO helmet sculpt in place of this one for the regular trooper, but my guess is they'll just simply release a straight-up clean version of this figure. Either way, it's long overdue, and I certainly hope Hasbro does full cases.

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    I'll grab a few for clean stormtrooper customs.
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    So is he supposed to be a sniper? Hmm, I can imagine using him in a classic sniper game of cat and mouse with sniper Jyn.
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    pretty decent looking trooper figure. I am down for a few. Still has the OT look to it.

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    I think I'm going to start calling this Stormtrooper, Major Konig.

    Welp, love it or hate it. A Rogue One Stormtrooper can't be far off now. I really like this Stormtrooper, the rifle is awesome. Unlike some of the new weapon designs, this one looks like it'll fit in just fine. Although I wonder if the one in the movie has a wood stock on it. Since it appears to be an old World War 2 era rifle. I can't tell though if it's a British Lee Enfield or a Russian Mosin Nagant rifle.
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    I really like this one and I hope this exclusive makes it to Germany. That way I can just buy a bunch at one time.
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    Almost impossible to tell from that angle but it seems this stormtrooper sports a second layer over its forehead. Some sort of armor plating.

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    This looks great and I'll definitely get it, but has anyone noticed how each version of this guy across the lines almost look like different designs? Will have to wait and see which one is the most accurate.

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