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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulgah View Post
    During Toy Fare, I ordered three skiffs, the guard 3-pack, and two Gamorreans. This qualified me for free shipping (if I remember right, there was a certain total you needed to reach before free shipping kicked in). The Rey from a few days ago was the first thing I’ve tried to order since. So, why didn’t I get the original offer for free shipping, and why aren’t I getting free shipping for the rest of 2019? It’s either a bad rumor or a bait and switch.

    Are you sure you placed that order on Hasbro Pulse? The Gamorreans were never available there. Sounds like you placed the order on Dorkside if you needed a minimum to get free shipping on preorder items.

    The Pulse site had free shipping on everything, no minimum required, during the opening days promo that also qualified you for the Pulse Premium membership and free shipping for the rest of 2019.

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    You’re right. It was Dorkside. I also ordered a Saelt Yak from BBTS that same week (which I haven’t gotten yet, two months later). But yes, it seems that I’ve never ordered from Pulse. I do have an account with them, so I must’ve been thinking about it at one point.

    I spend thousands of dollars a year on SW toys, but do always try really hard to get the best deal possible. I get 90% of my stuff from eBay or Amazon. I used to do EE and a lot, but haven’t used them in a while. I can’t remember for sure, but it seems my big order might be my first go with Dorkside.

    The amazing thing is that prior to the Disney era, I was almost entirely a retail guy. That option is gone. I must get used to the pseudo-scalping of the etailers. Getting an Island Rey has been an annoying process. But I’m not paying 22.98 for her, or whatever the Pulse total was.
    Did you enjoy my little storm, Ewoks?”—Morag the Tulgah Witch

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    I finally got this figure for $12.99 total on eBay, which is a fantastic retail price. She was loose, but I’m an opener.
    Did you enjoy my little storm, Ewoks?”—Morag the Tulgah Witch

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    Finally ordered one from Amazon. The RIGHT one this time!! A little pricey but I used my Fathers' Day gift card.

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    I've been thinking about ordering one myself, as its up on Hasbro Pulse for the MSRP. I still like the basic figure though, and think the facial likeness might be better, based on the photos I've seen - though I cant seem to find comparison pictures in any photo galleries. My bigger issue - its another Rey figure. I like the character, but with the basic TLJ figure, and the basic TFA figure in the same outfit (sans poncho), a third feels like it might be too much of the same. This is also the reason I hope TVC skips her second TLJ outfit and goes straight to ROS for her next figure. Those of you that own both basic and TVC - how do you think they compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    ...Those of you that own both basic and TVC - how do you think they compare?
    i have the basic of TFA and TLJ Rey and TBS TFA Rey. I will always prefer the more articulated version..

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    I went for it, and this one turned out nicely. The articulation is near perfectly hidden, the likeness is good, and the softgoods cloak sets it apart from the basic figure. The best part - I used a coupon. $8 instead of $13 is much more palatable for a figure I wasn't urgently trying to obtain.

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