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Thread: Range Trooper - VC128

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    I am digging this design, it keeps subtle markings from the past but incorporates like a new side we have never seen before, he looks very cool,.....

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    I too, am loving this design!

    Methinks (as others have posited) that the boots will either be magnetic or specialised in some way. As for the fur, I’ve no probs with that either. Doesn’t have to be a snowtrooper either, just a trooper who wears fur, as part of a cool-weather environment.

    This is the Galactic Empire we are taking about as well: a huge, sprawling, near all-encompassing entity.
    It stands to reason they would have a lot of different, specialised troops, with armour, outfits and suits for every possible type of terrain, environment - one for every occasion, so-to-speak.

    Also, the shear volume of Imperial resource available suggests to me, they could, in some cases, over-design/specialise their troops - to the point where they have shoretroopers, range-troopers, snowtroopers, Scott troopers, sandtroopers, spacetroopets, and so on, and so on... etc.

    Will be interestingly to find out what the purpose of these troopers will be...
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    I think it's a neat variant, but I'm with some others here about the feet looking a little odd.

    I think they're going to be like powered armor and make him able to jump/run further/faster.

    And they can probably mule kick the crap out of a scoundrel with those on. :{J
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    I think the look fits a kinda specialized trooper, you know special forces recon scout wilderness soldiers that simply wears appropriate specialized combat gear for the harsh environment.
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    According to the official LEGO set descriptions posted on the main page, he is wearing magnetic boots:

    75536 Range Trooper
    Take on any adversary with this highly posable LEGO Star Wars Range Trooper buildable figure. This powerful character from the blockbuster Han Solo movie features tough armor and magnetic boot detailing, furry shoulder cloak and tunic, as well as a blaster weapon with spring-loaded shooter. Star Wars fans will love battling with this cool LEGO buildable figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Ray View Post
    According to the official LEGO set descriptions posted on the main page, he is wearing magnetic boots:
    I figured it was something like that.
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    I really like this figure, getting a few.

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    Those must come in very handy in the mud, mud does contain trace amounts of metal debris...
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    there will be several of these in five points of articulation and super articulation on my shelf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Those must come in very handy in the mud, mud does contain trace amounts of metal debris...
    These guys are on the snow planet, not the mud planet.

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