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Thread: Han Solo and Chewbacca - Mimban

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    At first I thought that was a Toy Wiz listing considering the high "original" price. $19 I can see as everyone else seems to be charging similar.
    The turret is neat, but looks too small/weird next to Chewy.

    The Rebolt & Hound has a lower price though. So I'm just curious what algorithm is using to price items, It's very inconsistent. In store all 5POA is the same price point...
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    Found these at Target today.

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    just ordered this and the rebolt 2 pack from target's app
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    Found these at Ross today $10. I bought one along with another Rebolt Hound pack the had. Also grabbed Rathtar, hard to turn it down for $5.

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    I have a FS thread about this, but if anyone is interested in the Mimban Han or cannon from this set, or the Rebolt hound cage, I'm selling them cheap loose. PM me!
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