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Thread: Jurassic World 2 Mattel Toys

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    Jurassic World 2 Mattel Toys

    Looks like Mattel is taking this much more seriously than Hasbro did...


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    I got excited until I saw "pint sized figures", although I think that is the best scale for figures involving giant dinosaurs.

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    Hopefully they’re just calling 1:18th scale “pint sized” in comparison to 6”.

    Also, hopefully this shows Hasbro you can make a mass market, articulated figure line with accessories for under $10. I won’t hold my breath, though.
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    It looks like they'll be about the same size/style as the kinda okay Avatar toyline. But I'm totally cool with that! Jurassic Park/The Lost World is still my favorite toyline I've ever had and it's because it was such a fun line with humans and vehicles and dinos and joy. And it looks like Mattel wants it to be fun line. I mean they even have the humans include Dino Buddies! DINO BUDDIES!!!! I can't wait!

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    I see the female characters are 3D, which is one more dimension than they had in the movie.

    Definitely up for the non-articulated mini dinos, I had a ball tracking down all the variants from the last film. That's how dinosaur figures should be.
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    I agree that I think "pint sized" are 1:18 scale. Dino buddies and it looks like they have knee and elbow articulation. These are just pluses that keep adding up.

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    I hope I'm wrong but I thought they were the 2" figures.

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    I wish there was a collectors line but human figures and dinos is very reminiscent of the first Jp toy line. I'll hold out that the figures are 3inch but that's wishful thinking.

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    I gotta agree with GNT. I'd have probably loved these as a kid but I'm not so moved now. I miss the rubber skin dinos. That mosasaur is cool, though!
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