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Thread: Jurassic World 2 Mattel Toys

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    Waiting for Malcolm (“must go faster”), a good home for the Matchbox Ford Explorer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Waiting for Malcolm (“must go faster”), a good home for the Matchbox Ford Explorer.
    That Matchbox Explorer looks way bigger with the Rex over it in that did statue. Very cool!

  3. #383 might be the angle. The Rex is looming up & away. Closest scale I could find to work with that piece.

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    Cool pictures, squared.
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    Thanks HH...just some quick fun with my iPad.

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    Since Hasbro hasn't been able to get much out here in the past few months, I've delved into the JW line a bit. I bought Owen with the armor and Owen with Baby Blue as well as the Atack Pack Dimorphodon. I'm really impressed with the quality of the figures.
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    Received the Jada 1:24 Scale Jeep Wrangler...very pleased!

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    Hmm. Jeep 12 was Nedry's Jeep, and it had lights over the windshield and a canvas top. That looks more like Jeep 18 or 29.
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    I can overlook the definite number screwup, but yes..,Nedry’s Was 12 & had the running lights. It had been documented by other JP collectors on other sites. I just wanted a nice die cast version...will def. be adding the Mattel 1:18 Scale.

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    Clearly Koosh, someone at JadaToys didn’t do their research. Lol, but I’ve seen it wrong in other places, too.
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