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Thread: Jurassic World 2 Mattel Toys

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    Hah! I too should be in bed, I have a looooooong day ahead, but I too stayed up for it. Just watched it and very much so enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it's like mind blowing but it's a really fun short. Great effects! I don't think I saw the OFFICIAL release though, I just saw leaked releases of it which weren't the best quality. So it makes me wonder if I saw the end credits scene. I will say, there's mid-credit scenes and I wonder if that's what they mean BY end credit scenes. Not sure till I see the official release of it. Also great special effects for a short as well. I don't think it's spoiling anything to say it's nice to see an Allosaurus star. It's my all-time favorite carnivore.
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    I'm still up waiting for the official release. It was supposed to drop after it airs on the West Coast but I'm pretty sure that has come and gone, so.........
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    I'll hold my tongue till tomorrow to discuss it in depth. They're killing me with this wait! I wanna discuss this!!! AAAH! Hah! I will say, I was already looking very forward to Camp Cretaceous, now even more so. Lots of cool rumors about that one surfacing like a lot of the new dinosaur species in the toyline (non-film dinosaurs) showing up on the show. I've heard major rumor of the Plesiosaurus appearing and honestly, it would make sense considering it was even supposed to originally appear (albeit briefly) in the first few drafts of Jurassic World. It even got as far as to get storyboard treatment but got scrapped. I think that's why I want to get my hands on the Plesiosaurus toy so badly. Plus it would be pretty neat to appear here first as its original original appearance was to be in the cancelled Jurassic Park (pre-Lost World) animated series.
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    It's good! It's really good! Not sure what I was expecting but it was better than I thought it would be. And those credit scenes- wow! Won't say anymore until at least tomorrow night when everyone has had a chance to see it. But if this is the direction they're going to take with Jurassic World 3 I'm feeling pretty good about it!

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    That was pretty great. Way better than I expected. The credits were especially awesome. Can't wait for Jurassic World 3
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    Oh I need adult diapers because that was the most intense Dino action since the Rex attack on the kids in the first JP! *****, it’s our world now too!
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    I'll talk spoilers but I'll white it out so people will have to highlight to see it:


    - It was great finally seeing Allosaurus featured in more than just a cameo. I always felt it had so much potential. It's the PERFECT sized carnivore and this short film really displays that well. It's got the size to tip and destroy the camper like the T-Rex or Spinosaurus, but it's also small enough to essentially fit inside like a very large raptor. That camper is destroyed to bits largely because it DID just barely squeeze into it. I would really like to see more medium scale carnivore attacks. It also was surprisingly hardcore. I did wonder how the little girl got two bolts off with a crossbow so quickly, but I remember there are double-bolt crossbows. It doesn't really appear to BE one though, but whatever. So...meh! No big deal.

    - The Nasutoceratops was great. I especially loved, of course, the baby. I was SO worried it was going to die. I knew the human baby would be safe, but it really did look like the Nasuto babe was done for.

    - The credit scenes were great. I can't deny, the Compy's chasing the little girl had me crack up. I'm messed up! Hah! I'm pretty sure, technically, SOMEONE DID die. That Stegosaur caused car accident looked pretty fatal. Loved seeing a Parasaurolophus, always wished they got more attention in the series. Outside of the one Lost World round-up scene, it's always been reserved for background extra roles. I'd have rather scene Momma Mosa attacking a boat as we've already seen it in scale with a great white, but still BA nonetheless. Then the pteranodon eating the dove at the wedding was also hysterical.

    Had a MAJOR Lost World vibe. I also loved that they used the Lost World THEME in the credits! THAT was awesome. I really think, basically, this was what they've been wanting to do: dinosaurs set loose upon the world...but World and Kingdom HAD to be created to MAKE that happen. World was there to establish dinosaurs are being made again. Checkpoint one! Kingdom was there to establish how the got off the island. Checkpoint to! In a manner of could argue...perhaps...this is even the way the original sequel to Jurassic Park should have gone or at least JP3. I see a lot of potential here and def. see room for Ian, Grant, and Ellie to have actual roles in the plot beyond just cameo.

    Some ideas I had: While I really enjoyed it, there's the sick morbid MFer side of me that wanted to see someone eaten by the Allo. I think the perfect candidate would have been the random neighbor camper you barely see, perhaps he is eaten and drops the crossbow, hence how the little girl got it so quickly while the Allo was distracted.

    My only real disappointment? I THOUGHT they confirmed a human character was to appear in this! My guess was Dr. Wu. But alas, nope.
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    I concur with the sentiment on this short. Really cool to see things go in this direction. Make sure to watch through all the credits as there are little quick scenes all the way through.
    Just like the time I could have met Mr. T at the mall. The entire day, I kept saying, "l'll go a little later, I'll go a littler later..." And when I got there, they told me he just left. And when I asked the mall guy if he'll ever come back again, he said he didn't know. Well, I'm never going to let something like that happen again!

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    Was wondering if you guys would be talking about the BABR short. I think the animation was well done, they used the lighting well with the CGI this time. The little Nasuto was adorable - so cool to see a baby dino interacting with a human environment like that. It seemed really natural and I loved the nocturnal eye effect too, that was clever. Decent short all around. The Allosaurus looked awesome and it was great giving it some much deserved screen time. It was definitely an adult too by size, which is awesome. The toys really do seem to reflect the colors shown, though it was hard to see by light of fire. The only part I didn't like was the Kelly Malcolm repeat at the end. Like seriously, they doubled-down instead of making the dude next trailer over who actually had experience and aim with that thing, instead of a 5 year old? It's very rare and also unbelievable that a child like that would ever actually "help" in those kinds of survival situations. Did we see Tim and Lex really do anything out of the ordinary? Tim was smart to lock he raptor in the freezer, but it was out of sheer necessity that he did it and Lex helps slam the door. She attracts the dino smartly as well. I just feel like not one, but TWO rapid fire, well placed shots from a crossbow is a little much for a 5 yr old kid who just mentions in passing that the neighbor let her shoot it.

    As you guys said, I really appreciated the end credits and I'm glad I stuck around. It was cool to see realistic situations and it's clearly setting up the 3rd one in a big way. We'll see how it goes, this really opens up a ton of animal rights and poaching issues. At any rate, we need that baby Nasuto STAT as a figure, and I'm at my severe limit of more dino figures from Mattel, but that one would be really cool.
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