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Thread: An interesting analogy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julythrunov View Post
    Are the OT y wing and clone wars y wing two different vehicles completely?
    Totally different.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmer View Post
    Everyone seems to have glossed over darthsatan’s quite cheeky— and very on-point analogy, and dove right for the literal makeover of these ships instead. What a hive of true nerds LOL
    we prefer "herd of nerds". thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    Totally different.
    Clone Wars Y-Wings were two-man BTL-Bs with full hull covering. The Y-Wings from the OT were one-man BTL-A4s with no hull covering and fixed forward-facing cannons.

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    I am referring to the toys, I thought that was the question being asked, my bad.
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    May you live in interesting times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    Thank you for 'getting it'!

    Re: TLJ I personally place it as the worst SW film with nevertheless a few redeeming scenes. It made me look again at TFA (which I did enjoy a lot) and realise just how thin the Disney ST veneer really is.

    I even went back to re-watch Looper, which I remember being OK at the time of release, and discover that it certainly doesn't merit a repeat viewing. I really hope this business of Disney giving RJ a trilogy was pre-release hot air to up the hype in favour of their shareholders. Given that the 'professional' critics are all in their pocket it is certainly possible at least.
    Rian’s trilogy is not happening. (If anything, D&D will be taking his place.)

    Your analogy of the designs just having this weak, lacklustre veneer hastily and sloppily cobbled over the OT’s iconic versions— to match the lacklustre, sloppy, offensively reductive storytelling, is one consistency that’s indicative of this Sequel. One thing everyone can agree on though: The less said of the toyline, the better...

    Can Cobalt spin this reductive treatment into something that can even hope to convince that there is a shred of originality…???? Into the 2nd act, and this Sequel’s treatment hasn’t even stray the slightest from the OT’s storyline: A Goliath Empire maintains a crushing hold on the galaxy, while the small band of freedom fighters rages against the machine, against all odds. And amidst this grand galactic civil war, a battle of another kind— one of intimate struggle for Light against Dark between two individuals that have come to represent the hope, the salvation and the doom of a galaxy. There’s absolutely not a single new nor fresh element in this Sequel… Come Episode lX, What are the odds that Mr. Tribute Act himself-- JJ, will have Kylo see the Light and sacrifice himself to save Rey and the galaxy…???

    The only component that this Sequel has that it can claim as its own, are the aspects that have absolutely no relevance to strong storytelling: The gender and race politics that are as subtle-- and as tiresome, as the OT rip offs. That’s all it has going for it. And this will date it horribly, since without this gimmick, the characters are so poorly and weakly developed, they'll be forgotten when this Sequel is over. Kind of suits the Nerf and cheap 5POA gimmicks of the accompanying toyline, doesn’t it?

    The Force tug-of-war for the lightsaber is straight out of any 15-yo nerd’s wet dream, isn’t it? Just to be clear, the accusations aimed at Rian is largely with the Rey/Kylo relationship: Apparently, the specifics of their Force-Skyping and Kylo’s revelation to Rey that her parents were just nobodies who sold her for “drinking money” ripped off the fanfic. (Search “The Last Jedi fanfic” on YouTube and check out the long list of videos that show up about the topic.)
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    They aren't a goliath Empire though, they feel more like some kind of Empire-worshiping cult. It isn't until the end of TLJ they start to take control of systems.
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    ^^^ You must be kidding…

    TFA shows this Empire already in possession a planet-size weapon that takes out an entire system (and not just some Outer Rim no one cares about system, but the system that is the heart of the Republic!) in comparison to the OT’s diminutive DS, which can only destroy one measly planet at a time LOL

    By TLJ— which is mere days after the events of TFA, this Empire has the Rebels on the run— leisurely taking them out on a mind-numbingly slow OJ Simpson chase (taking up the bulk of the movie…).

    If that isn’t the definitaion of Goliath vs David, I can’t start to imagine what is.
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    In my opinion for it to be a Goliath Empire, it would need to have most if not all of the Galaxy under it's iron fist. Which it doesn't. It has one planet and a small(at least compared to the Empire) fleet of ships.

    I agree about the Ressistance though, far to similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prequellover View Post
    In my opinion for it to be a Goliath Empire, it would need to have most if not all of the Galaxy under it's iron fist. Which it doesn't. It has one planet and a small(at least compared to the Empire) fleet of ships.

    I agree about the Ressistance though, far to similar.
    Pretty sure they have more than one planet. Starkiller was just a FOB with a big-*** gun. There's no way they don't have control of at least a small system of planets through which they can levy taxes and resources to build their fleet and Starkiller.

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    Fair enough if anyone's digging this Sequel. But, just following the trajectory of this Sequel thus far— not even taking into any of my own perspective, narrative assumptions and even standards and criticism, it’s far far far too similar in its structural beats to the OT’s to have its own story or visual identity.

    And BTW, a far-reaching military regime such as this Sequel’s Empire long ceases to be a “cult” when it has the resources and military might (not to mention a long history of raising and indoctrinating an entire population of soldiers into their fascist culture since likely birth) to annihilate an entire system that’s the centre of its galaxy’s governing power. It has by sheer force, become the reigning governing power of the galaxy.

    It’s not a far stretch of the imagination to conclude that JJ— a man of little to no originality (and such a punchable face LOL), building his entire career on paying tribute to greater visions with a slick coating of gimmicks, will likely follow the story beats of ROTJ for Episode lX (with another dash of ANH and ESB thrown in, of course).

    (Just to stay on topic with the toy analogy: I don’t care for the toys/collectibles…. However, seeing that Khetanna-- oh my goodness… I’d go for at least 2 easily if I were collecting. And with the return of TVC, perhaps after the generic mediocrity of this Sequel is finally over, new nuSW may just be able to find its groove again. It certainly never lost it— since RO proves a premium SW can still be made and had. Just like that Khetanna.)
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