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Thread: YouTube Star Wars Channels

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    YouTube Star Wars Channels

    Apologies if there's somewhere else that caters for this - if there is I can't find it.

    I thought it would be good to have a thread to flag up interesting new episodes from the many great YouTube Star Wars channels we all watch.

    Personally I subscribe to The Fwoosh, Victoria's Cantina, FLYGUY, The Star Wars Show and Toy Galaxy, but lets not just limit it to these.

    Anyway, I'll kick off by saying that the latest Victoria's Cantina podcasts, "Why We Collect", are really interesting:

    Part I:
    Part II:

    People interviewed include Paul Harrison (from JTA), Dan Curto (ex Rebelscum) and Robo (from The Fwoosh)...

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    Latest Fwoosh review comparing the TBS6 Captain Rex standard release (with photo-real face printing) to the HASCON exclusive version:

    Don't screw up the box like that Robo!

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    I watch Victoria's Cantina a lot. I also watch Mike Kaess' channel as I find his reviews to be the most honest. If he got an item for free, for the express purpose of reviewing it, then he usually makes that known and that doesn't mean that he is necessarily going to give it a positive review.

    The Fwoosh is pretty good, as well as Shartimus Prime. Also, Toy Galaxy is another good channel.

    I would probably rank Mike Kaess, Toy Galaxy, and Victoria's Cantina as my favorites; but that could just be because I've found them to be the most responsive to questions or comments that I've posted in the comments sections of their videos.
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    Today's Star Wars Show has a section on NY Toy Fair, including a quick look at upcoming TVC and TBS6 figures and the HASLAB Sail Barge with Steve Evans:

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    Quote Originally Posted by xwingpilotuk View Post
    Latest Fwoosh review comparing the TBS6 Captain Rex standard release (with photo-real face printing) to the HASCON exclusive version:

    Don't screw up the box like that Robo!
    Another comparison, this time from FLYGUY:

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    It's very, VERY early days for me, but I have started a new YouTube channel called Toys of the Jedi. My first video is already up

    The sound and picture quality gets better as the video progress' and will get better still once our extension is complete and I have a proper studio set up. So please like and Subscribe and bear with me as it will get much better.

    I will be at shooting video at Birmingham Comic Con at the weekend so the next video will be up shortly afterwards. Come and say hi if you see me there.


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    ***** New Video! *****

    For those interested this covers Paris, London and Lucca Italy Comic Con's, Echo Live and a recently re-discovered Kenner advert.
    Please give the video a like and if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel.

    Thanks for your support.


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    This thread deserves a mention of the Auralnauts, a fundub channel that has done lots of stuff with voice-overs and clever edits.
    SW-wise, apart from various one-offs, they've done a dub of Episodes I-VI which creates a whole different universe.
    In it, the Jedi are substance abusing jerks, the Sith honest business entrepeneurs and C-3PO is the galaxy's greatest villain.

    Also, plenty of dance-fights, catchy music and stunning voice-alikes for the likes of Obi-Wan (both McGregor and Guiness) Qui-Gon and Han Solo.
    It's amazing.
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