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Thread: A Game of ... Wars?!?

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    KK, sees the success of GOT(but doesn’t understand where it’s coming from, RR Martin ), and is hoping the GOT success happens on Star Wars. She’s already gotten two actresses from GOT and two producers.

    BTW in addition to the GOT announcement, Bob Iger just announced Disney is working to several Star Wars TV shows

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    I see this as a good thing.

    the biggest problem with the ST is the fact that it has no writer. they are letting the "directors" write their own chapters, completely independent of each other, with no overarching story, no "plan" to tie it all together -- they are literally making it up as they go along, "one movie at a time", with different directors in charge of writing different chapters -- like a "Relay race" (Hamill's words). it is only by way of 'damage control' that we are getting JJ back to clean up the mess Rian left when he BLEW UP star wars -- or all three episodes would have been written by different directors. this is NO WAY to run a multi-billion-dollar franchise. the fact that they are hiring a writer (ANY writer) is a ****ing GIFT. I don't care if it's the GoT writers. as long as they can plan multi-movie-arcs and create a cohesive tapestry. which these guys CAN DO (whether you like GoT or not). this is a godsend.

    I would like to believe that kennedy realizes the mistake of VIII , and her reaction was: to hire a writing team. enough of this 'making it up as we go along' bull****. that didn't turn out well AT ALL. as I said in another thread, it's like playing the "telephone game" (with a sociopath). where each director is passing-the-torch to the next director (with one guy intentionally USURPING what came before because he wants to be a ****). Rian should be called out for playing the telephone game wrong LOL because he didn't even TRY to carry on from JJ's dangling threads, he intentionally broke the chain and went off in a different direction.

    because: Rian.

    the hiring of an actual writing team with an actual vision (beyond ONE-movie-at-a-time) will be a godsend to star wars. and don't talk to me about the ****ing story group LOL. the story group doesn't write stories. they are canon accountants. they 'keep track' of stories. that's not NEARLY the same thing.

    --> I see this development as, Kennedy realizing the ship is off course. and correcting it. SW needs "writers" with a vision; not "directors" with their heads shoved up their own ***.
    (this tells me she has listened to the feedback from the divided fanbase, and she knows they are 'doing it wrong' with the writing of the ST -- she just gave the fanbase a GIFT: actual "writers" -- regardless of where they came from, this is a godsend).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julythrunov View Post
    What’s the benefit of announcing even more Star Wars films on top of the coming 5 that are coming?
    Disney stock goes up while the rest of the market tanks.

    Yeah, I'm cynical.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    The press release clearly states their films will be original, in a time in the mythology they've already chosen, and not on TV(series). The approach of a "moment in time" is interesting, I'd guess it'll be post ROTS, the start of the Empire & Vader heavy Jedi hunting? hmmmm. And hey-you know, I still can't find any official info on these Kenobi/Fett spin offs, can you help us out?
    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPete View Post
    Gadzooks. So that's what, the sequel trilogy, R1, Solo, the alleged Kenobi and Boba Fett movies (assuming the GoT boys aren't doing these), the Rian Johnson trilogy, and whatever these guys are doing... I'm not complaining, but they're really running with it.
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    yeah ain't all this news just so terrible...
    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    Disney stock goes up while the rest of the market tanks.

    Yeah, I'm cynical.

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    hmmm true, Martin is a genius. C'mon man you can't stand GoT either?! uh oh, better up your meds, there's just no pleasing you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Julythrunov View Post
    KK, sees the success of GOT(but doesn’t understand where it’s coming from, RR Martin ), and is hoping the GOT success happens on Star Wars. She’s already gotten two actresses from GOT and two producers.

    BTW in addition to the GOT announcement, Bob Iger just announced Disney is working to several Star Wars TV shows
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    One can have too much of a good thing?
    It's all going a bit Marvel, just as suspected it would.
    Maybe they'll start doing 2 or even 3 movies per year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozzfan84 View Post
    I think that the whole stunt was to set up TLJ for a big opening week. They knew what they had on their hands and they knew they needed to earn a return on it FAST, before word of mouth spread. They announced Johnson would be getting his own trilogy before fans could see his work to instill confidence in prospective ticket buyers and get them to go in early. It was a marketing decision... meant to get fans to think, "If Disney is so confident in this writer/director wunderkind that they're giving him his own trilogy, I should be just as confident!" It worked too, as TLJ has one of the biggest front-loaded box offices and dropoffs of all time.

    Don't be surprised if the Johnson trilogy gets delayed, downsized, and silently cancelled somewhere down the line. Disney already got what they needed out of the announcement.
    I think there could be some real truth to this. There's already some people talking this theory on Youtube and it makes sense. I believe Disney was happy with TLJ pre-release in their minds. TLJ hits and all the backlash begins. They've already told everyone Rian Johnson has a new trilogy and now this GofT group is all of a sudden getting new movies addition to Rian's. But unless one of these is going straight to an online streaming service, I can't see these all happening at same time. People are already confused by how RO time jumped in midst of the Sequel Trilogy. Obi-wan & possible Boba Fett may be all they could get away with again, as they are so iconic. So I can see Disney still "saying" both are coming... BUT Rian's trilogy is actually getting bumped back to make way for this new series of movies. And now they may not care how far it gets bumped, or if it eventually gets dropped altogether. I've heard KK is letting Rian hang out to dry on all TLJ fuss, and he's pulling her back in on some of the blame in decision making for TLJ. So their relationship is probably rocky at best. I blame them both!

    Anyways, I'd love to see this new series be an Old Republic one. There's so much time to work with there, you could make who knows how many movies in these 1000's of years. Plus many people are begging for this timeline anyway, and this seems to be something that would be down their wheelhouse.
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    Without Martin’s words to guide them, this duo is the finest definition of a hot mess of writing.

    Maybe they can conjure something solid, even great if given their own trilogy/series to shape and hone… Anything’s possible.

    I’m just looking at their contributions for GOT once Martin is no longer there to guide them— and it’s horrifically awful. Even the action sets are stupendously illogical and full of messy direction: The dragons decimating Jamie’s army and that farcical let’s-catch-a-wight-to-show-and-tell for Cercie
    by wandering around the frozen wasteland aimlessly, comes to mind as just how inept these two are at even directing action pieces, let alone crafting and developing whole “complex” (thanks Kathy babe for showing us how utterly clueless you are) characters….

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    Have never watched Game of Thrones, even though it seems like something that I would love (being a huge LOTR and fantasy fan). As the series progresses, the idea of trying to start watching it now is just too daunting.

    So, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I'm kind of indifferent to it, honestly. I'm pretty sure this announcement is a strategic move right now because maybe the Han Solo trailers didn't have the positive impact they were hoping for.
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