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Thread: Moloch

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    Moloch doesn't seem to have his own thread yet, but these pics are from Yakface. A really cool design, IMO. I like that he is not given the leg articulation like most with robes - in fact, you can see he has a single beige leg piece beneath the robe - but I can't quite make out what it is supposed to look like. It doesn't seem like humanoid legs.

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    Moloch is definitely one to get. Cool figure.
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    Same here. Also ordered some 3.75 figures.

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    That guy's attire sure does have a Chirrut Imwe vibe to it. Still cool though.
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    Cool looking figure, I’m getting tired of aliens wearing helmets that obscure the face though. Feels like we got enough of that in TFA line.
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    So is this guy a Pyke? The head shape and mandible thingies (though probably mechanical) sure seem similar.
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    Looks great, but hold on a minute...

    This guy doesn't have leg movement? His head seems to be unable to move, too. That would make him a 2 POA figure...

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    Looks like a cool design, wish there was a dark wash on the helmet though, its too plain compared to the card art. Certainly has potential, but I'd like a removable helmet so we can see the alien underneath.

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