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Thread: WIP : BTTF DeLorean Time Machine

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    As I am waiting for my next delivery, wich should arrive by end of this week, I got this one today. And shame over me, when I opened my postbox today, it took me a few seconds to realize what this small package with hand written "To not open until 1985" was.

    It still a few issues away, but I already ordered some custom stickers, from already community-wellknown Mr. Mike Lane and he does an AWESOME job on them.

    I got his Decal Set I, updated Dashboard and his Carpet Sets.

    Decal Set I comes with:
    Time Circuit Display Side Covers - choose either plain grey or stainless brushed look. Both sides feature the row of bolts
    Time Circuit Display Front - again either plain grey or stainless brushed look. The print-labels now feature the corrected red color instead of the blue ones delievery by EM
    Middle Console Covers and details - the main reason why I got this set because the EM supplied sticker for the switch box just says "1-2-3-4-5-6"
    updated Plate stickers - updated to the right desgin as the EM supplied ones are all wrong.

    The Dashboard Set comes with:
    Updated Dashboard Display - EM supplied is missing a few details, the DMC logo is upside down, saying DWC. Also the light leak issue should be fixed with this one
    Display Glass Cover - EM is missing this at all, so its a nice addition by Mike

    The Carpet Sets cover the footwells and center console ( issues #38-41 ) and the bulkhead behind the seats and door sills ( issue #52-55 )

    Mike offers some more custom sticker sets, like Barcode Plate complete with conversion to magnetic revmoveable plate to switch between "Outatime" and Barcode or a Fr. Fusion Cover Set to hide the big screw holes.
    Although these look nice too, I quitted on them as I will display the finished model in 1985 first appearance mode, eventually 1955 "Hook" mode if EM supplies the Hook and parts to mount it.
    I already wonder what else he might comes up with, might consider doing the heaven too.
    If you are building this and also want to **** up the interrior a little, best way to get in contact with Mike would be email : or you dig him up on Facebook : Mike Lane ( cartoony avatar )

    Cant await to get to the point where to add these
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    The next order arrived This time with french magazines, due most of this order were currently out of stock at the Eaglemoss UK Online Shop.

    Anyway, lets go on

    Issue #20

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    Issue #22

    Very important info to anyone who also just stated the build on this model.
    In this issue, we are introduced to a new kind of screws, labeld "MM".
    Be very, very, VERY extra carefull with these, as they are pretty fragile, and break if too much pressure is used to drive them into their holes. Almost as if those screws were made of glass.

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