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Thread: WIP : BTTF DeLorean Time Machine

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    Since I finished #10, I had the feeling that there is something wrong but couldnīt tell what exactly

    Suddenly today during lunch break it hit me like Thors Hammer. The frame of a DMC-12 is actualy light grey to nearly white
    So when I went home after work, I stopped by the local Hobbystore for a can of light grey metal primer.
    At home I un-build everythign again and colored the frame. While I waited, and I am sure Doc Brown didnīt build the timemachine into a factorynew DMC, I started to weather up the front suspensions

    Now I am happy with it

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    Second order from Eaglemoss UK arrived today. #11 -19
    With a quick look through the parts, the chasis should be finished ...for now. Back Suspensions and Wheels.
    First parts of the engine, and I think I noticed an extra tool too. I can never have enough tweezers
    Will start building on weekend, as there are still a few more frame-parts I need to recolor from black to light grey.

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    These are fun to watch you build.

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    Issue #15

    Chasis seems to be finished .... for now I will add a little weathering to the back suspensions sometime later today or maybe tomorrow

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