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Thread: WIP : BTTF DeLorean Time Machine

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    Thats it for the original run of 130 issues. I am still undecited if I want to continue for 30 more issues to build the emergency time circuit, the railtracks and the trainwheels.
    On one side, the "inner completist" is screaming "YEEESSSSS !!!!" ( like with the ´55 tires ), but I also know, I will NEVER change the display from my originaly planed "first appearance" version

    Anyway, I will drop in with a final gallery in a few days, I just want to wait for the delivery for yet another mod, sets of in-scale "micro-cable-ties" to give it that special extra look

    Keep checking

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    The awaited "Mini Cable Ties" from Mr. Mike Lane arrived, and .... man... these ARE mini. I would even say they are MICRO or NANO
    This will definatly be a fidly mod.
    I originaly wanted white ones, but they were OOS, so I went for the black ones instead of waiting for a future restock. Just paint them white after installing and ...voila

    Just for info, for you non-european followers, our 1 cent coin has a diameter of about 16 mm

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    #Mounting the Micro Cable Ties

    When I ordered them, I thought.. "This will be a quick add-on and be done in a few minutes"

    YaaaPPP !! Took me about three days, 2 hours each
    Really felt like a surgeon, working with two pointy tweezers, a big magnifier with build in light, and a smaller LED Flashlight holding with the mouth first... but changed to a head light when I started to drool up everything

    and comparsion finished driver side vs. untouched passenger side

    added the ties all around the car, including a few to the interrior cables. Unfortunatly I am not able to tie the cable directly behind the windshield. No way to reach them without scratching the glas inside. It would be needed to dismount everything again wich I am definatly NOT doing.
    Altough these are really working ties, I also left the wire twistys on to support them here and there. Just painted all white and it looks good to me as it is.
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    The WHOLE vehicle is now weathered up, more visible on the black areas, but altough the stainless panels might look untouched, I also wiped them with a realy, realy, REEEEEAAAAALY thin black-wash.

    Unfortunatly the engine bay is no longer accessable without disassemble parts of the rear machinery.
    Ok.... now...

    After 1 year and 8 months in build, doing numerous custom upgrades, we have reached the end of the journey and I invite you to see the final gallery !!

    Part 1:
    with without lights

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    Part II : Lights on

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    Part IV:

    And on display, togther with the smaller brothers

    Vitesse 1:48 Coupe
    Vitesse 1:48 1955
    Vitesse 1:48 1885
    Sunstar 1:18 Coupe
    Sunstar 1:18 2015 ( not shown here as its stored away until I get a new 1:18 case )

    The next logical size would be 1:1 now

    So, thats it. The ride is over.... for now. I am still undecited if I want to get through 30 more issues. While I like to have to option to change for any other version, you noticed, both the Mr. Fusion and the set of 55 tires are already stored away.

    Thank you everyone for following, your comments and input

    to be continued... maybe
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    The finished model is an incredible work of art. Well done!!

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