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Thread: WIP : BTTF DeLorean Time Machine

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    Although I got the official display base from Eaglemoss months ago, I left it packaged and wrapped until now. With the help of the Mrs., my dad managed to sneak into my workshop and took some measurements from it, only to surprise me with this

    Its professianl made out of 6mm fishtank-glass from a local glass shop. Thank you Dad
    It fits perfectly inside the EM base.

    Buuuuuuut...... when I unpacked that base, it was the first time during this build, that I am pretty disapointed.
    ALL frame part are sitting loose on the inserted bottom. Not a single sign of a little drop of glue anywhere. The mirror is JUST some mirror foil.
    And although there where corner covers attached, all four corners look like this

    That display base is no way worth the 60.- EM is asking for, IMO not even 25.-

    Anyway, as mentioned its already months ago since I recieved it ( I should have checked it instandly ) I wont go through the trouble again to get another replacement. Thats right, this IS already a replacement, as the very first was lost in mail somewhere between UK and Austria.
    I will try to repair the damage or maybe just hide it with some metal corner covers or something.

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    At last, the final issues arrived .... for the original collection


    These were the last parts for the vehicle itself. I weatherd them up to match the rest of the vents and did some kind of welding marks by just adding uneven lines of silver to the edges.
    Before staring on the Plutonium Crate, I also added some bits of color here and there, mostly concentrated to make the seat look like used

    I also:
    * painted the bottom mesh in the front mask black
    * added some more weathering to outside black parts to look like "road-troubled" plastic
    * painted all the black screws in the fluxbands with silver
    * some more weathering all aroung the car
    * painted the purple pipe holders on the meshed parts below the gullwings
    and I repaired a broken door-hinge on the passenger side

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